Pop Tab Pandemonium

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"Pick Up The Tab" for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas!

Anyone can collect and donate pop tabs to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas! Pull off tabs from aluminum coke and soup cans and drop them off at the House. If you are not in the Little Rock area, take them to your local recycling company and have them mail the check to the Ronald McDonald House. Get everyone involved: family, school, church, coworkers, civic organizations and more. Click here for a printable flyer you can share to explain our program.

The Pop Tab Program raises valuable funds and awareness for RMHCAR. Money from pop tabs is raised through recycling. This program helps pay for families and children to stay at the House while their child is receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Your support helps ensure that these families will continue to have a place to rest, relax and recover together.

Drop off pop tabs seven days a week  between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. at the Ronald McDonald House located at 1009 Wolfe Street in Little Rock.

Pop Tab Pandemonium: School Edition

Students, faculty and staff can collect pop tabs and compete against other schools for the title of 2015 Pop Tab Pandemonium School Edition Champion! The contest will end on Thursday, April 23, 2015. You must register to receive drop-off locations and times. The winning school, which will be determined by the highest average pounds of tabs per student, will receive a school assembly with Ronald McDonald, a trophy and prize drawings! Submit registration forms no later than April 3, 2015. Below are the materials and information you'll need to get started: 

Pop Tab Pandemonium: Other

Are you not part of school, but still want to participate in Pop Tab Pandemonium? NO PROBLEM! For other groups, the contest will be divided by division based on group size. All types of groups can participate: churches, social clubs, friends, family, businesses and individuals.

The contest will end on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Compete against other groups for the title of 2015 Pop Tab Pandemonium Champion! The winner will get a trophy and the satisfaction of knowing they helped children and their families get through a time of medical crisis. Please register so you can receive drop-off times and locations.

Submit registration forms no later than April 3, 2015. Below are the information and materials you'll need to get started:

Pop Tab Q & A

What does RMHCAR do with the pop tabs?
We recycle tabs and the money we receive helps pay for families to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. We do not require our families to pay to stay, so this program alleviates some of the costs associated with housing 28 families each night. 

What types of pop tabs are accepted?
Tabs of soda, soup, vegetable, pet food, tuna and tennis ball cans, or any other aluminum can with a tab.

Why collect just the pop tab and not the whole can?
The pop tab is made out of a more pure form of aluminum making it more valuable. Plus, it's easier and cleaner to store pop tabs compared to the whole can. This is important for the Ronald McDonald House to keep a safe, clean environment for children and families.

How do I get my child's school registered for the contest?
Contact your child's principal and encourage them to register. Registration forms are available above or contact Monika Hemenway at 501-374-3318 or email monika@rmhclittlerock.org.

Where will the drop off location be on Thursday, April 23rd?
Tabs will be weighed in at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. You must register for the contest to participate in the weigh in day

Is it true that pop tab donations go towards chemotherapy or dialysis treatment for children?
No, this is a myth. RMHCAR is not aware of any location in Little Rock that collects pop tabs for these types of treatments. Our pop tab donations go towards helping families stay close to their children while they are being treated at the hospital.